Principal Leadership

Rob King

Responsive. Rob King has been designing data centers for 20 years. As a firm leader and head of the Troy mechanical department, Rob is the epitome of a team player and mentor to many. He encourages employee input and enjoys collaboration with clients and the external design team. His straightforward, hands-on approach enables the entire team to make quick, informed decisions that keep projects on-track. Rob has led some of largest multi-campus, hyperscale projects in the US, several enterprise design and builds, as well as many international data center projects. When he is not travelling in or out of the country, Rob enjoys outdoor and motorized sports, and is especially fond of the thrilling (and comical) sporting events of his two sons. Rob and his family enjoy taking out the boat on summer weekends and their frequent vacations to see family in Maine. Rob has spent 20 years as a volunteer fire fighter in his community.